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Holt Water Works, Inc
Excerpt of the Board Meeting Minutes
 (as relating to the subject of raising the water rates)
 for April 20, 2015

Board Members present: Allen Barton, Mark Christiansen, Anthony Patterson, Cecil Elmore , Also Donna Ash and Patrick Broxson.

At this time the board addressed the subject of raising the water rates.

After much discussion the board unanimously agreed and accepted the following increase in rates:

¾” Meter                       $14.50       0-2500 gallons                                                                                        4.20       per 1,000 gallon
All other size                 $16.50       0-2500 gallons                                                                                        4.50       per 1,000 gallon

¾” Meters                     $17.00       0-2500                                                                                                      5.00       per 1,000
All other size Meters   $19.00       0-2500                                                                                                      5.25       per 1,000

The board voted, upon approval from RDA, to implement the new rate as of July 2015.








Last Updated 5-22-2015